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Indoor Stair Lifts

Our state of the art indoor stair lift systems come with installation and an extensive warranty.

Outdoor Stair Lifts

Our outdoor stair lift systems are weather resistant and can be used year round.

Our Services

Indoor Stair lift Installation

Make daily life easier with our indoor stair lift installation service. Whether you’re looking to enhance accessibility for yourself or a loved one, our professional team is here to help. We provide hassle-free installation of stair lifts that are designed to seamlessly blend into your home, ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience for those with mobility challenges. Say goodbye to the struggle of climbing stairs and regain your independence with our reliable and efficient indoor stair lift installation service.

Outdoor Stair lift Installation

Experience freedom outdoors with our outdoor stair lift installation service. We understand the importance of accessibility in your outdoor spaces, and our expert team is here to make it a reality. Our outdoor stair lift installations are designed to withstand the elements and provide a safe, reliable, and comfortable solution for conquering those challenging outdoor stairs. Whether it’s for your front porch, backyard, or any outdoor area, our service ensures you or your loved ones can navigate the outdoors with ease and independence.

Bathtub Step-in Installation

Transform your bathroom into a safer and more accessible space with our bath tub step-in installation service. We understand the importance of maintaining independence and safety in the home, and our professional team is here to assist. Our bath tub step-ins are designed to provide a secure and convenient solution for those with mobility challenges. Say goodbye to the difficulties of stepping over high tub walls and enjoy a relaxing, worry-free bathing experience. With our bath tub step-in installation service, you can enhance your bathroom’s accessibility and regain your confidence.

Why Choose Us

We offer full service  for the installation and service for  stair lifts.
When you contact us we listen to your needs and can have one of our experts come visit you in your home and discuss different options  to fulfill your needs.
We will measure and customize as needed  for heat results. We will offer you a fair price and maintain and service  it for you.
If the power goes of you can still use you Stair Lift. We use American  Suppliers  when ever possible to minimize any supply chains issue’s like we had during the recent COVID years. We also keep an in-house supply of spare parts. Should they be need we can be right there to keep all things running smoothly.
We want to be your full service local company responding to any of your needs 24-7
Let’s talk and see what we can do for You.

“I should have purchased this ages ago"

Melvin Thorton

“I was hesitant at first but my daughter convinced me to get it and I don't think I can go back now.”

Nancy Newman

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